Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Problems of Life

1st Story

Once Krishna and Balaram were passing through a forest, after getting tired they stopped near a tree. They had some fruits and lie down under the tree, soon after some time they got slept. At the midnight while they were sleeping a big Monster came and started laughing on seeing two humans. Today I won’t sleep hungry…he thought. Hearing his voice Balaram woke up and saw the big Monster standing in front of him. He got scared, he was so big and was looking like a big mountain standing in front of him. The Monster started laughing again…Balaram started shivering, Monster grew in his size and Balaram shrank. Again he laughed, Balaram again shrank in his size and the Monster grew more. By seeing his size the Monster laughed more loudly and further grew in size and Balaram screamed Krishna…and felt unconscious on the ground.
Hearing his brother’s scream, Krishna woke up and he also saw the big Monster laughing on him. He asked him what do you want? The Monster got surprised by seeing the courage of Krishna and tried to make him scary but this time he shrank in his size and Krishna grew up. Again Krishna asked him, what do you want? This further lead to the Monster shrank in his size and Monster tried again but this time he shrank so much in size that Krishna took him in his hands and kept him in his belt.
In the morning when Balaram woke up, he said to Krishna: you know what happened in the night, a giant Monster had come to kill us. From the god’s grace we were saved. Then Krishna took the Monster out from his belt and asked if this was the Monster…!!!!

Moral: If you run away from your problems it will come back in bigger shapes and if you stand firmly against it and fights back it will shrank and run away.

2nd Story
Once upon a time in a small village of Jamnagar two kid’s bholu and somu used to live. Bholu was 9 years old and somu was 6 years old. One day the two friends were playing in the niche of the village. Suddenly bholu fell down in a well present in the corner of the field, he started screaming but no one was there to hear his cry apart from the little somu. Somu ran towards the well to help his friend but he was unable to do anything…he looked around for someone but no one was there to help his ailing friend. Without making a second thought he took the bucket present there and thrown in the well and asked bholu to catch it tightly and he started pulling the rope…he kept on pulling until his friend was saved. He was very happy on seeing his friend back, they hugged each other and suddenly they started thinking what they will tell at the home as they might get punished for their act.

When they reached their village, everyone started asking for being so late. They told each and every thing happened in the ground. But nobody believed them and everyone started laughing on their story. Sarpanch of the village told his father that because of the fear they are telling some stories as how can somu being so small can save bholu who is so build up and much bigger in size than him. But there was a wise man in the village Bhagwan Das, he said I believe them Somu had saved bholu. Everyone was surprised as Bhagwan Das was considered as the most wise and respected person in the village. They asked him the same question that how somu can save bholu, he didn’t even have a match. Bhagwan Das laughed and said they are telling the same thing no…they are explaining how he threw the bucket in the water and pulled until he assured that bholu is safe. Everyone was shocked, then Bhagwan Das spoke, see where somu saved bholu, nobody was present there to tell somu that he can’t do it, nobody…not even somu himself...!!!

Moral: Anyone can do anything…only one person in the world can stop you from achieving something and that is none other than YOU.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Yet Another Love....Story...!!!!

Mayank was a very ordinary boy but still very different from other guys specially guys of his own age group. Born and brought up in a small city of Baitul (M.P.) with utmost difficulties and troubles Mayank studied in a reputed school where he got the admission partially because of his marks and partially because of sacrifices made by his family members to bear the extra expenses.
At the very first day of his so called reputed school he felt like being an alien in the human world because everything felt different from the things that he had seen till that day, that Volleyball court, the big cycle stand where he went to park his new bicycle, students coming in big cars and some with their bodyguards, those big buildings and smart class-rooms, the big cricket ground, lot of big laboratories and the big Library. Everything looked as if these were pretty different from what he has till now in his school.  One thing that he felt amazed after seeing was the game of Volleyball; though that was the first time in his life he had seen that game but he felt a unique attachment with that game but the irony was he doesn’t even know how to play that damn game.

Mayank was not a very sigh kind of a boy but he doesn’t bothers much what others were doing and thinking about him. His first year of his high school (10+2) i.e. the 11th standard was very quiet and spent mostly in his adjustments with the standard or the way of living of other students. No. of times he was treated as underdog as apart from the usual studies he won’t take active participation in any cultural/ co-cultural activities of the school but he really spent the quality time in learning the Volleyball. His hard work paid him in good time as he was selected in the team in his very first year and sooner he became one of the most potential players of the team.

Time went like the dried leaves of autumn and soon he came to 12th standard.  Mayank never thought of being a headliner but a stalwart. Now he was considered as one of the sound characters who can do well in studies as well as sports. Soon, in the mid spring of his 12th, he was appointed as the captain of the school volleyball team and he had to lead the team for the annual central zone school champion’s trophy. This was one of the biggest events of his life; he was feeling as if he was walking on the seventh heaven. Modern Public School, Delhi was hosting the event and nearly 24 different Modern Public Schools across the country were competing in the different sports. The event were about to start in Mid November, so he had a sound span of two months and he had to make the most of those two months. September’ 05, the Teacher’s day was being celebrated in the school but Mayank was in the Volleyball court busy with his coach and sports teacher Mr. Santhosh Rai Chand, discussing the team strengths and weaknesses. Mr. Santhosh a retired army major had a very terrifying build-up. The 6 ft tall retired major have a unique habit of puffing a special Swiss made cigar and  that too while discussing the minutest of the artifacts of the game. Practicing on Saturdays and Sundays soon became a routine for the Mayank’s team; he was giving his everything to make an impression as the captain and try to bring the trophy back to home. The last time the school won any finals in any of the sports was way back to 2000 but after that it was a mere drought for the school and Mr. Santhosh and the management was banking heavily on the Volleyball team. The team was comprised of 9 very talented volleyball players of the school, 5 from commerce section, 2 from the biology section and 2 including Mayank from the Maths section. The team was good but Mayank knows that mere class players can’t win matches rather it’s the performance on a particular day decides on which way coin will flip. So Mayank doesn’t wants to leave a single stone unturned and was giving his 100 percent to get 100 percent of his team. Soon days passed and the deciding month of November came. The event were about to start from Nov’8th and they have to leave by Nov’5th, the first match of the M.P.S baithul was with M.P.S Kolkata on Nov’9th.

Their traveling plan was quite unique as first they have to go M.P.S Kanpur for some formal verification as Kanpur was the main governing body of M.P.S Society and from Kanpur they have to leave for Delhi. Jansatabdai Express left at its scheduled time of 1900 hrs from Baitul Railway Station for Kanpur Central. They reached Kanpur the next day by 900 hrs railway times, the sports secretary of the M.P.S society was present with some of his officials and some other teams from different sports may be of M.P.S Kanpur itself.

Mr. Santosh took the charge of completing formalities with other officials and the teams were busy in having their breakfast. Mayank was sitting on the window seat of boggy no. S4 with Nitesh his best buddy in school and a great chess player was trying some fresh prepared Jalebis.
Train was about to leave by 1000 hrs but thanks to the railway department for making it wait for 1 more hour. Mayank got up to wash his hands and the moment he turned he got a hard blow on his head by a big VIP suitcase. Full of choler he rose and was about to scold the person responsible for the blow but what he saw made him a statue at least for a minute or two…!! A very pretty face was in front of him saying sorry while handling the big suitcase. He was unable to see anything apart from that parrot green dupatta flying on his face. His amnesia got broken from her sweet voice….”I am so sorry…!” Then only he realized that he needs to help the girl. After they settled down the luggage she sat on the seat just opposite to Mayank. Mayank was feeling like being in a magical world, nothing was there in the train apart from that beautiful face. I am so sorry….again she said this time he replied hey…no issues…it was my mistake I hadn’t seen you hiding the pain on his face. Hi…I am Mahi….Mahi Singh...Saying that she gave her hand for shake hand and Mayank just took her hand in his and kept staring at her saying without a word.
After she jolted her hand and his friends started hollering he came to reality and said hi…!! ammmm Mayank... He again saw her face…she was smiling…he was just getting lost in that smile…finally he asked her if she was from MPS Kanpur? She was also going to the same place where he was going…actually the students from MPS Kanpur had to join them…and she was representing the Badminton team of MPS Kanpur. After few minutes train started its journey all the way to Delhi. During that period of time Mayank and Mahi had their formal introduction. Mahi and Shruti had their seats in S4 and rest of the students of their school had their seats in S1 thanks to their unscheduled plan of participation. Mahi and Shruti were best friends and both were the 12th standard science students. Shruti was participating in Basketball very fair taking care of her gifted height.
The train reached Delhi at around 1900 hrs on the same day and after their strange journey of 8 hrs from Kanpur Mayank and Mahi went with their groups. After that Mayank hadn’t seen her on that day…he also thought why she would be interested in him and went busy with his friends…enjoying the hospitality of MPS Delhi.
The tournament was to start from Nov’8th and their first match was on 9th with MPS Kolkata which was the last champion of the game. Other games were about to start from 8th only. Mayank started focusing on the practice and was looking forward for the first match with local team of MPS Delhi on Nov’9th but in some part of his heart he was having a feeling of getting a glimpse of Mahi…he can’t get her away from his mind. On Nov’9th during his first practice match Mayank was leading his team from the front. He was standing at the place of smasher and had earned three great points for his team by his unstoppable smashes. They only needed three more points to win their first match. Just after the eighth rally when the game started Mayank came at the place of server, he was about to do his favorite under arm spin serve suddenly in the sitting stand he saw the same pretty face of Mahi…and before he think something else he had served and the ball went way away from the court loosing the service to the opposite team. His teammates were asking him and he was seeing the smiling face of Mahi…after his coach went to him he started focusing on the game and this time he was happy…very happy…from the deepest layers of his heart. They won the match easily and after the match Mayank went to see Mahi…and after twenty minutes of his search he was able to figure out the prettiest face. They talked almost an hour before shruti came looking for her.

Mayank’s team was performing really well in the tournament, they had won three matches in a row and now MPS Baitul was in the semifinals. The tournament was to end on 13th of November and Mayank hadn’t seen Mahi after they met during his first match. He was thinking if he would be able to see her and as the tournament was approaching towards its end his worries were also escalating. She might be busy in her game…and why in the world will she come to meet me…he thought. Anyway he has to concentrate on the semis as they have a real chance to win the tournament. However for him reaching in finals was more important than winning the tournament as Nitesh has informed him that Mahi has reached into finals of the Badminton tournament. Reaching into finals…why was it so important than winning the game…? Nitesh asked him…!!! Then Mayank told him about the Prom night…he told him that all the teams who failed to enter into finals had to leave on 12th morning itself and all the finalists will attend the closing party of the tournament which includes a Prom night party. Again he will have a chance to meet Mahi…may be for the last time…!!!
After winning their semifinals, Mayank was going for an outing with his teammates as they hardly had any team to see the eccentricity of the National Capital. When he was stepping out of the school premises he saw a group of girls coming from out and Mahi and Shruti were also there. Mayank desperately wanted to congratulate her for winning the Badminton tournament (On the same day he cleared his semis, she won the finals). He went towards her but to his utmost surprise she moved away with her friends…as if she didn’t saw him at all…or…she just neglected him…like an unknown person…why the hell I cares…let her go…I don’t need to go to her…he thought in his mind and joined his friends who were waiting outside. Let alone be the anger he had but in some part of his heart he got hurt. How can she do like this to him…he thought…they are big school girls…they have their own attitude…Why in the world they will bother about some small town guys like them. This event proved a boon for him and his team as he was more focused on the game and was giving his everything to win the finals. He was not even thinking of her…not even for a moment…after coming to know that they have to compete with the MPS Kanpur in finals he was feeling like having a golden opportunity to show what a small city guy can do…she will be there to support her school in the finals and he wanted to make that opportunity a count by defeating her side and showing his class of game.

At 1600 hrs of Nov’12th the finals of volleyball event was scheduled, Mayank and his team reached the court at 1500 hrs only. As this was the last outdoor event of the “BACON – Lets bring it back” (The proud name of the sports tournament) lot of spectators were present in the ground to witness the finals. But Mayank was waiting for only one spectator…to whom he want to show his game…he was eager to see her witnessing the defeat of her school team. The game started with the whistle of the refry and a sharp pointed tennis serve came to their court and before anyone could react it made its mark. MPS Kanpur was a really good team to play…Mayank’s side were lagging…it was a five set game and they had already lost two sets in a row…now they had had to win all three sets to hold the BACON. Mr. Santhosh was explaining some points to the team when Mayank saw Mahi…sitting in the left stand in the 3rd row…wearing a white churridar…she was amazingly beautiful…Mayank thought something in his mind and went to his coach. After a break of ten minutes…and after the fixed relay…the game started again…Mayank jumped forward and saved a brilliant smash made by the opposite team’s smasher…they won the next two sets…now the game was standing at two-two…final set will be crucial and decisive one. He had to get those fifteen points (as it was the last set only fifteen points were needed to win it). MPS Kanpur was leading with 9-4; crowd was cheering the winning side. Prashant took the serve and sent to kapil…kapil boosted it in the air…Mayank took a bright jump in the air and smash…nobody moved…he scored…they got the point…he saw in the crowds…again after sometime he scored three more points. At the next relay, they were standing at 13-11; they needed two more points to clear all the mess. Captain himself took the charge of serve and shoot a plain swing serve…someone tried to shoot back it in air but it swigged round and went out of court…now game point and match point…everyone was looking at him…Mayank throw the ball in air…took the highest possible jump that he could gave a sharp hit on the ball…it went like a bullet to the opposition’s court…but they were not ordinary team too…received the serve…lifted it…boosted and smashed back to their court…again Mayank made a smart jump towards his left and saved the smash…lifted the ball…Prashant boosted it…and Ravi chipped it over the net…blockers moved…but till then ball was already put down…they had made the history…they have won the beacon…they jumped over one another…Mayank looked in the sky and then in the stands…she was not there…!!! Nitesh came and gave him a tight hug…you made it man...I knew it…only you could have done that…he said. But Mayank was looking in the stands with his empty eyes…Nitesh realizing the thing…asked him to forget her…and they moved away to lift their Beacon…!!! That night went in celebrations and party…

The closing day of the ceremony…Nov’13th was full of speeches and presentations of so-called big delegates followed by some cultural events but the main attraction was the Prom Night party which was scheduled to start at 8’O clock in the night. Only 40-50 students along with some officials were there…thanks to the protocol of having finalists only…!!!
The party started with the usual RJ’s bash…and soon spread among students…Mayank was not feeling comfortable as he was quite new to these kinds of parties and places…so, he better thought of staying away from the league and watching the things progressing. He saw Mahi…she was looking stunning in her yellow dress…but she was busy with her friends…he wanted to talk to her…but couldn't get the chance…after an hour of having snacks and drinks (soft ones off course) RJ made the announcement of the Ball dance… (Ball dance is a form of dance which only couples can do). Guys had to ask their Pal’s hand for the dance and that opportunity became the biggest thorn for Mayank. He wanted to ask Mahi for the dance but he was unable to get the courage for that. Nitesh asked for the hand of Shruti and went to the floor…now he was standing alone in the corner…seeing everyone dancing…he felt more bruised when a guy asked Mahi’s hand and she went with him for the dance. He started thinking…why he is thinking so much of this girl…see her class…do he even match with that…how could he dance with such a good girl…ok..Fine she had talked him once or twice rather…so what…its very common for them…he thought. He kept staring at his empty glass…hi…some sweet voice came to his ears…he turned around…Mahi was standing…he didn't said anything…again she said…hi…the glass he was having felt from his hands…after the breaking of glass wake him he said sss…sorry…haa..hi…sorry… I didn’t seen you…he said…yeah…that’s why I came to you no…Mahi replied…congratulations…you made your school proud…I saw you play…really you are a class player…thanks…thanks a lot…and many congratulations to you also…sorry I couldn't saw your game… I was busy in my semis on that day…Mayank said. Can we dance…she asked…Mayank was looking at her…then he said…I wanted to ask you but couldn't…I know…you won’t…she said…and started smiling again...but I know nothing about dancing…don’t worry it’s not a rocket science just follow my steps…ball dance is one of the easiest form of dance…she said. Slowly…slowly…following her steps…Mayank started dancing…that was one of the best moments of his life…he never thought of he would be holding her hands and dancing with her. They danced for more than an hour… Mayank asked her...can we go out…? as this may be our last meeting… !!! I want to talk to you…they went to terrace of the school.  It was a full moon night…sky was filled stars glittering in the illuminating light of moon…as if they were sharing their happiness with them.

They talked about everything...right from their families to friends...schools...their likes...dislikes...anything and everything...they went on talking whole of the night...still they had whole of the world to share with one another...Mahi told him that he was the best guy she had ever met with and Mayank told same for her. This event...I wont forget in my life...I will always cherish the sweet memories of this tournament...she continued...her eyes started getting wet...I never felt like this in my life...I don't know how to say...Mayank got up and brought a rose from the terrace flower pots and giving her need not to say anything...we never gonna forget one another...and I will always be with you...whatever life will show me in future...whatever be the life thing I am promising you from this very moment you will be in every part of my life...wherever life takes you...whatever you do in life from this very moment you will always find me at every corner of your life...will you come with me for the journey of the life...??? Mahi kept staring at Mayank holding his hands...she hugged him and said yes...yes..I will always with you...!!!

The next morning their ways got separated but they were not...!!! Mayank went to Baithul with loads of memories and love and Mahi went back to Kanpur with her true love... and her life...but they always stayed with each other in all their moments of the life..!!!