Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Problems of Life

1st Story

Once Krishna and Balaram were passing through a forest, after getting tired they stopped near a tree. They had some fruits and lie down under the tree, soon after some time they got slept. At the midnight while they were sleeping a big Monster came and started laughing on seeing two humans. Today I won’t sleep hungry…he thought. Hearing his voice Balaram woke up and saw the big Monster standing in front of him. He got scared, he was so big and was looking like a big mountain standing in front of him. The Monster started laughing again…Balaram started shivering, Monster grew in his size and Balaram shrank. Again he laughed, Balaram again shrank in his size and the Monster grew more. By seeing his size the Monster laughed more loudly and further grew in size and Balaram screamed Krishna…and felt unconscious on the ground.
Hearing his brother’s scream, Krishna woke up and he also saw the big Monster laughing on him. He asked him what do you want? The Monster got surprised by seeing the courage of Krishna and tried to make him scary but this time he shrank in his size and Krishna grew up. Again Krishna asked him, what do you want? This further lead to the Monster shrank in his size and Monster tried again but this time he shrank so much in size that Krishna took him in his hands and kept him in his belt.
In the morning when Balaram woke up, he said to Krishna: you know what happened in the night, a giant Monster had come to kill us. From the god’s grace we were saved. Then Krishna took the Monster out from his belt and asked if this was the Monster…!!!!

Moral: If you run away from your problems it will come back in bigger shapes and if you stand firmly against it and fights back it will shrank and run away.

2nd Story
Once upon a time in a small village of Jamnagar two kid’s bholu and somu used to live. Bholu was 9 years old and somu was 6 years old. One day the two friends were playing in the niche of the village. Suddenly bholu fell down in a well present in the corner of the field, he started screaming but no one was there to hear his cry apart from the little somu. Somu ran towards the well to help his friend but he was unable to do anything…he looked around for someone but no one was there to help his ailing friend. Without making a second thought he took the bucket present there and thrown in the well and asked bholu to catch it tightly and he started pulling the rope…he kept on pulling until his friend was saved. He was very happy on seeing his friend back, they hugged each other and suddenly they started thinking what they will tell at the home as they might get punished for their act.

When they reached their village, everyone started asking for being so late. They told each and every thing happened in the ground. But nobody believed them and everyone started laughing on their story. Sarpanch of the village told his father that because of the fear they are telling some stories as how can somu being so small can save bholu who is so build up and much bigger in size than him. But there was a wise man in the village Bhagwan Das, he said I believe them Somu had saved bholu. Everyone was surprised as Bhagwan Das was considered as the most wise and respected person in the village. They asked him the same question that how somu can save bholu, he didn’t even have a match. Bhagwan Das laughed and said they are telling the same thing no…they are explaining how he threw the bucket in the water and pulled until he assured that bholu is safe. Everyone was shocked, then Bhagwan Das spoke, see where somu saved bholu, nobody was present there to tell somu that he can’t do it, nobody…not even somu himself...!!!

Moral: Anyone can do anything…only one person in the world can stop you from achieving something and that is none other than YOU.


  1. awesome story and also too inspirational........

  2. Very nice story... nice moral too, truly inspirational.😊👍